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Oh Boy, the Sun is out.

All righty.  Spring has come. It’s 32 in Bowling Green OH but the sun has broken through. And the Indians and Astros are throwing the ball, stretching calves, and looking up into the Cactus and Grapefruit League skies w wonder

Time to look for some baseball movies to Netflix. Sugar was the last reasonably interesting one; but there simply wasn’t enough baseball in it.

I am ready for baseball

Ok, I’ve had my break. It’s time for to let loose and see some Spring Training games.

Let’s go!

That’s What I’m Talking About

Is there a better, more sincere feeling of unexpected delight than coming back home two hours after giving up hope on your team who has fallen behind only to discover that they have rallied, it's in extra innings, and, my-oh-my, all position players have been used, a veteran pitcher is all that's standing between you and defeat, but you keep watching and eventually they win on an improbable walk-off homerun?

That's exactly what happened Sunday as theĀ Astros beat the Brewers. I left when it was 6-2, Ben Sheets on the mound, and Mike Cameron, Astros-killer, had come from nowhere (i.e., the suspension list) to hit two homeruns and bury the Astros. Case closed.

But no. I come back 4 hours later and, what's this? It's tied 6-6, the Astros having fought back in the bottom of the ninth with exciting back to back walks with the bases loaded! And now it's the top of the 12th, and the Brewers have loaded the bases themselves, with the immortal Tim Byrdak on the mound for the Astros--he who had been the savior of the Reds series for the Astros the week before.Pence

Somehow he houdini'd himself out of it, and ol' Lance Berkman leads off the bottom with an infield hit. Byrdak is up and. . . he can't lay down a bunt.But here's 0for5 Hunter Pence who promptly wins the game with a line drive straight down the LF line!It's the NL Central, baby, and anything can happen when you are 16-16, and 130 games to play! Just need to find someone who can pitch 6 innings with a 4.00 ERA. The bats will be there, and two all-stars play there everyday, Miguel Tejada and Lance.